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Blog 265: A Guide For People Who Think Social Media Is A Complete Waste of Time, Part 2 of 8

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Word of Mouse …

There isn’t any way you can avoid participating in social media. I’ve tried. Someone hears about you and they have looked you up in moments. Make sure what they see serves you. Keep the 3 R’s in mind.

Relevant. Relatable. Reachable.

The more specific you are the more relevant you are.

If I were to google you and check you out online would I be able to easily figure out what you do, for whom and what excitement is all about?

The more specific, the more relevant.

Do I like you?

Could we be friends? Do you remind me in some way of myself? Do we see the world the same way?

Your clients and potential clients want to know who you are, what you do and why you do it. I know, you’re just a person and you probably don’t think your life isn’t that interesting.

Mine isn’t either.

Just the same, if I’m about to trust you with two million dollars I might feel some sense of reassurance to know that you, like me, enjoy time in nature. Or that you are part of a community that you contribute to. People are hard-wired for relationships. Make it easy to get a sense of who you are.

When people like you, they’ll be willing to trust you.

How easy is it for me to connect with you?

Make sure it’s easy to take the next step. Like this.

Did you like this blog? Come check out our community, It’s for advisors who are sure there is a better way – more fun and genuine way, to run a successful financial planning practice. Everyone started off as a blog reader who wanted a little more.

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