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Blog 262: The Secret To Hosting A Great Party …

Is knowing who not to invite.

The same thing is true for creating a great business that has a story that resonates with the right people who want what you have to offer. That’s what a brand is – the story that everyone is willing to believe is true without having anyone prove it.

How you make this happen is by getting as specific about who you want there as possible. Your promise, who you are for must be obvious to everyone no matter where they find you. LinkedIn, Facebook or your company webpage.

Forget the block party, it’s overrated. Besides, to accommodate everyone you’ll have to water it down, dumb it down, and average it out to make everyone and anyone as happy as possible.

You can see the problem.

When you throw a party for everyone you rarely delight anyone. And if you’re not throwing a party that nobody wants to miss then you’ll never get another chance to host another one. The solution is simple but requires a serious shift …

Host a kitchen party.

Make something special and unique for the smallest group of people possible and pull out all the stops. The smallest group of people who can sustain you. How many clients do you need?

Your brand isn’t about the stuff you make it’s about the stories you tell and that others will tell about you.

Who are you for?

What do you do for them?

Where are you taking them?

Not everyone. Those few people who are with you in the kitchen. Worry about them, then worry about the very next person, not the next 50. The next one.

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