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Blog 261: Spring Cleaning

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

It is Spring and time for some Spring Cleaning. Today, I will outline how you can position yourself as a trusted advisor and how that aligns with what your clients are seeking.

In order to position yourself as a puzzle solver, you need to ensure that you are crystal clear in how you communicate your value and that you can actually deliver on it. Here are five key questions you can answer in order to do a quick retrofit of your offering:

  1. Whom do you help?

  2. What do you do for them?

  3. Why do they need your help?

  4. What knowledge, systems and resources do you have in place to deliver your value?

  5. What training or personal/professional development do you need to be better at what you do?

These five questions will ensure that a client and/or potential client can fully get what you are all about. From a consumer perspective, service providers who define themselves too broadly are a turn-off because a broad description is vague about how you can help them. In short, nobody wants a generalist.

Modern consumers want to hire and work with a compassionate specialist who can fix specific problems so they can spend their time becoming a better version of themselves.

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