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Blog 260: Your brand & Loyalty

It’s easier for your clients to love you when you love them back.

Think about that story I shared in the last blog about my flight through Newark with Air Canada.

I love Air Canada. Even when I want to get home desperately I’ll wait later in the day to catch an AC jet home. To be clear, I could fly United and get the same credit towards my airline status and collect the same reward points but I won’t get the same feeling.

That feeling is “I’m home” even when I’m just on my way and that feeling is worth the wait.

How do your clients feel?

Loyalty is inspired. Loyalty is a response. Loyalty is an emotional connection. Loyalty is reciprocated. The greatest obstacle to brand loyalty is empowering staff to be fully present in a moment, so they can provide an empathetic solution beyond regular procedure.

Seth Godin writes a lot about how companies hide behind policies, denying the humanity of their clients. “I know you’re in a heap of trouble, but the policy is I can’t help you. I have to tell you to go to the website and do it yourself …”

Brands don’t inspire loyalty, people do.

Empower your people to connect.

While we’re here … One of my favourite ‘signature moments’ happens during the ENTERING phase of the experience when the lead flight attendant will come and say hello to me in my seat. Although it takes just a moment, usually they will ask me what I want for dinner and thank me for being such a loyal client, it matters to me and I look forward to it.

Every time this happens, I think of all of you and what it feels like to walk into your office.

Do you have someone ready, aware of who is coming in and why they matter and have you empowered that person to make that connection?

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