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Blog 256: Your Band is One of Two Things ...

Updated: May 12, 2022

A promise kept or a promise broken.

If you say you will post your blog every Tuesday and Thursday, do it. Every single time.

If you say service is important to you, make sure it is and that it is obvious.

Do you know your buddy who is always ten minutes late? That’s his brand. He wouldn’t want to admit that easily, but you know better.

Experience isn’t service …

Remember (as if we’d ever let you forget) that service and experience are not the same things. This is why it’s really important that you pay attention to the world outside your business because as the world changes, people’s expectations change. When your client’s expectations change you have to adapt in order to continue keeping your promises.

Want a bigger audience? Make bigger promises and keep them.

You already promised to manage their money. Now promise to help them change their life. That’s a bigger promise worth keeping.

Then join our community. These questions are clues to staging more meaningful meetings with your clients that they look forward to, benefit from and talk about. Sing up on our site,

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