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Blog 253: Experience Overhaul – The Review Meeting

Updated: May 12, 2022

“The best thing you can hear your client say is “Wow. I’ve never thought of that before.” – Tom Frisby, cofounder of DMWSC and The Serious Shift Inner Circle.

Tom is 100% right and all the work we do with our clients is to make this happen as often as possible. Your clients should be looking forward to meetings with you because they get so much out of the experience. Not just an update, but a shift.

Don’t get stuck being really good at your job …

When a client tells you that they’re happy to meet virtually, it doesn’t mean they think you are not good at what you do, it’s that they feel the benefit of the in-person experience doesn’t offer enough.

Flip the desk …

According to MIT’s AgeLab study, The Future of Client Advisor Relationship, conducted in March 2020 most of your clients agrees with me!

“ … while portfolio performance, good service and financial expertise remain client prerequisites for financial professionals, people are increasingly looking for more. This may pose a challenge for financial professionals, but even more so an opportunity to broaden and deepen their client relationships.”

Differentiate yourself by offering a total solution. What else do your clients need? How about … Adventure? How have you or how can you encourage your clients to ‘keep on keeping on?’ I met an advisor who organizes a travel club.

How do you inspire them? What kinds of speakers do you bring in? Why do you bring in speakers? How does it support the overall work you’re doing? If all you do is bring in people to talk about retirement income planning you’re missing the plot here …

Why would your client ever say “Wow. I never thought of that before?”

Do you connect them to other clients? Ideas? Groups? Solutions?

What story does your client share about you? What experience are you staging that they feel compelled to share with the people they care about?

Does this make sense? Sign up and while you’re at it, join our community. Everyone in there started out as a blog reader who wanted a little more.

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