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Blog 251: Experience Overhaul – Review Meeting Part III

An example of photo-worthy …

I walked into a financial advisors office in Charlotte NC that was full of toys.

The back wall behind his desk was loaded with so many stuffed animals and other … stuff that the advisor himself was almost lost in camouflage. Like ET, in Gertie’s closet back in 1982. Shout out to the nerds.

What can you teach them?

There were all kinds of toys, from early American wooden toys to wind-up tin toys, trains of course and all kinds of stuffed animals, unopened inboxes. I made my way to the granddaddy of all toys, in my case, the one that got away. I am speaking of course of the 1979 Millennium Falcon.

“Are you about 40?” He asked, and at the time I was. He went on to explain the purpose of the toys.

This advisor uses the toys to make a point. That all of these toys are investments, and that his most valuable toys/investments are not those that matter the most to him. The most valuable toys he had were the new, unopened Ty Beanie Babies (I still remember) that he traded actively.

His favourite toy was, of course, the Corellian YT-1300-F light freighter most famously used by the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca during and following the Galactic Civil War, that I was now staring at, transfixed.

The Falcon might have been worth $50.

He, like me, always wanted one and he bought it at a toy sale for $50 because it was incomplete, it had more sentimental value than anything else.

What a lesson. He uses the toys as not only decoration but a conversation starter. A tool to make value, time, and sentiment more meaningful.

Two questions to help you stage a better review meeting …

How can you make it more fun and interesting?

What do you want your clients to learn, what’s the story they can share later?

What’s the takeaway?

I’ll be writing and thinking about review meetings this month, subscribe to the blog. Or, join us in our community. Our theme for the month is REVIEW MEETINGS, and how to turn services into experiences.

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