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Blog 250: What's the Point

What’s the point?

For my entire career, most advisors have told me the same thing, which is that they spend 10-15% of the meeting talking about investments and the market and 85-90% of their time talking about “everything else.”

What is your ‘Everything Else?’

Could you put your ‘everything else’ into some kind of structure? Could you share it with your client?

When you know what everything else is, your theme, your purpose, your point, the secret you want to share with your client then designing a better review meeting experience becomes super simple.

Your theme is what you build the experience around. What you send to your clients before they come to see you will be informed by your ‘everything else.’ We usually refer to this as your ‘theme.’

A secret you know …

Your theme is a truth that you know and are willing to share. Let’s assume that a secret you know is that too many people waste too much time waiting to have fun later and because of this you encourage your clients to take more time off. There is nothing trivial about regret, and you have made it your purpose to make sure your clients have the best living experience possible.

You couldn’t just tell them that, you’d have to educate them. You’d have to share some insight, and you’d probably be more persuasive if you mixed up the media. An article here. A quick telephone conversation here, a video, a book a guest speaker.

3 more questions to help you shift …

Considering the entire client journey of your review meeting, from agreeing to attend to looking back on the meeting … Before, during and after.

Where does your client have to sacrifice? How can you eliminate it?

What simple improvements could you make for your client to feel like a known VIP when visiting? HINT – It would start before they ever got there …

I’ll be writing and thinking about review meetings all month, if you haven’t yet subscribed and consider joining our community. If you like reading the blog and our approach then you’ll feel a sense of relief when you join the community. We’re your people. Blog and community are right here.

See you next time.

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