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Blog 249: Experience Overhaul – The Review Meeting Part Deux

You should check out the last blog if you missed it, all the blogs I’m writing this month (April) are about Review Meetings and they are written sequentially, to help guide you to a better experience for your client. They are all posted on our website:

The review meeting is probably the best marketing opportunity you get all year with your client. Use the time to stage an experience that is so incredible that your client asks if they can take a picture.

Picture worthy

My iPhone is full of pictures I’ll never post because they are lousy photos that were captured when I was in the throws of my emotions!

The last such episode was only last week when I was flying over the Rocky Mountains. I was sitting there; I look out the window and see the Rockies and I have a FEELING … “OH WOW” it’s excitement and wonder mixed with some FOMO and I am instantly scrambling to get my phone so I can thumb up the camera and snap a MEMORY. I wanted at that moment to capture time, to keep it, and take it with me.

Your clients should feel that way about you. Don’t sell yourself short.


To create this feeling inside your client – to scramble for a phone – you can’t just host a meeting you have to stage an event. An experience, designed through time, intended to engage them in an inherently personal way, so much so that a memory is created. Got it?

A meeting that starts right on time is not an experience unless you fire off a canon.

We’ll accomplish this serious shift, from the service of meetings to the staging of events over the next few blogs, today we’re going to focus on the next step of this transformation, once again I remind you to check out the last blog if you’re just joining us now.

Emotions first

Think about how you want people to feel, then worry about what you want them to do, and remember that each stage or phase of your designed experience will likely have a different desired emotional outcome.

Here is your homework for the next blog … Think about what emotion you want your client to feel before they come to see you, when they are there and then finally later on when they are looking back and reflecting.

Next blog I’m going to get into the theme of your experience and then we’ll dig into some things you can do, from slight and subtle to overt and obvious that will help you set the stage and bring the house down.

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See you next time, Dennis

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