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Blog 248: Experience Overhaul - The Review MEeting

The review meeting you have with your clients is the most important time you spend with them each year. Here are a few tips to help turn your review meeting into a can’t miss event.

Stage an event …

What is an event? It is something that you are looking forward to, thinking about and probably envisioning. When it’s on, you are fully engaged and it likely changes you in some way, shifting your emotional state. Lastly, when it’s over you talk about it.

Are you staging events or hosting meetings?

Experience is time well designed

The actual meeting when you are gathered together is only part of the experience. What happens before? What happens after? How are you using the before and after time to build up or support your meeting?

What are your clients thinking about before they come in?

Efficiency is overrated

Slow. Down. You have an opportunity, a big one. Don’t be in such a rush. How can you use the time before the meeting to get your client thinking right? What sort of emotional response do you want to elicit?

Imagine if your clients walked into your meeting and said “I’ve been looking forward to this. That exercise that you sent over for us to do together really resonated and it shifted our thinking …”

3 questions to help you shift …

  1. What could you teach your client when they are there that isn’t about investments or investing?

  2. How could you make the whole experience more fun? Think before, during and after the actual meeting.

  3. What could you do that would pleasantly surprise your client? Perhaps something unexpected.

Tune in again …

I’ll be writing on Review Meetings all month in my blog, sign up here,, and while you’re there consider joining our community. We help advisors have more fun doing more meaningful work. Most people think we’re crazy.

See you next blog.

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