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Blog 246: Big Brains and Tiny Hearts

Ignorance and arrogance are the artist and entrepreneur’s indispensable allies. You have to be almost clueless enough to have no idea how impossible your endeavour is going to be, and somehow cocky enough to know you can pull it off anyway.

This cockiness isn’t based on anything other than an ability to see why something smart or beautiful or clever or different or unique or worthy of discussion – the very definition of remarkable.

If you build it, they really will come, if it is worth coming to.

How do we do it? By staying stupid. By not allowing ourselves to think.

Little kids have no trouble believing the unbelievable, the same thing with geniuses and crazy people. Only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts who are filled with doubt, who over-think and hesitate, frozen in fear only sure of what is impossible.

Stop Thinking. Start Acting.

We can always revise and revisit once we’ve acted but we will accomplish nothing until we take action.

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