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Blog 239: Leadership & Partnering ...

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I suppose it’s not that much of a leap to realize that parenting is leading, most often by example. Let’s continue our list from the other day, blog 238.

9. Focus on results.

Sherri and I remind each other all the time that “we’re raising adults” when we find we get a little too fixated on the day-to-day performance. Look for ways to motivate, encourage and inspire to achieve results rather than being a negative or overbearing influence.

10. Inspire others

  • Recognize team and individual achievements regularly

  • Endorse the idea of learning from mistakes

    • Talk about the courage it takes to try something new or uncertain.

  • Offer professional and personal development opportunities

11. Take ownership

A strong leader takes ownership of disappointments, mistakes or setbacks and conversely allows others to get recognized for achievements, accomplishments and successes! Take the blame, share the credit.

12. Show up every day

Leading and parenting is a full-time, full-contact position. Come in early, ready to roll and make sure that everyone knows that despite the obvious effort, there is nothing you’d rather do.

13. Be human

Everyone needs people to be kind. Treat people like they are your people. Make sure people feel respected, appreciated and of value to the business or family.

14. Promote innovation

I’m a little surprised this one was so far down on the list … Successful leaders (and parents) think beyond their immediate focus of a task or overall industry needs. They innovate and encourage others to do the same. Ask if there better ways to approach projects or create products. Allowing for and fostering an environment of creativity means you might innovate new projects or markets you otherwise were not aware of.

15 Develop relationship

Team members are people too. Spending some time over lunch, breakfast or coffee goes a long way to understanding each other as people.

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