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Blog 231: Referrals and The Spanish Inquisition

Updated: May 12, 2022

Do you know what they have in common? Nobody expects them. Hello to my fellow Monty Python fans.

When was the last time you showed up unexpectedly in your client’s life? Showing up for a review meeting isn’t unexpected. Doing whatever your job title suggests you do isn’t unexpected either.

We notice things that surprise us in good ways and then we share them. We don’t share our feelings on events that we can see coming from a hundred miles away.

Let’s agree that when you make a comment about a business – when you feel compelled to comment either positively or negatively, It’s emotional. Emotion is what separates services from experiences.

When was the last time you felt compelled to endorse someone or something? Slow down and think about it …

How we’re you feeling? Why were you feeling that way?

Was your desire to share the word about this person or business related to what they did for you, or how they did it?

Did they surprise you? How?

How were changed by the experience? You left feeling … what?

What do people do after you provide your services to them?

What should they do?

Why don’t they do that?

How can you help them do so?

What are they not expecting?

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