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Blog 229: Better Customer Experience = Referrals

Updated: May 12, 2022

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When did you last refer someone to a business?

What did you tell them?

How did you feel?

When you want more referrals, you must be worth referring to. Which means you need to be interesting, and worth commenting on. If all you are is very good at what you do, then probably nobody, or next to nobody is talking about you.

The reason is simple to understand. Everyone (you should assume everyone) is also very good at what they do too, and many of them are willing to charge less than you. There is no future in being really good.

Do more work that matters.

The only way to get someone to say “You have to meet Dennis” is to give them a reason, and that reason isn’t because of what you do, it’s because of how you make them feel.

Emotional outcome > Business outcome

Let this simple rule guide you. The business outcome comes second. The first thing you want to do is create an emotional outcome, then worry about everything else.

Why do people refer – because of how they feel. How does good, efficient service feel? Invisible, by design.

When you make people feel … Hopeful, interested, excited, surprised, eager, curious, fascinated or even obsessed you have something going on.

The three questions again.

When did you last refer someone to a business? What did you tell them? How did you feel?

See you next blog.

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