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Blog 216: Culture Club

Updated: May 12, 2022

I read somewhere once that when it comes to a strong and vibrant business that culture will always eat strategy for breakfast. That is not to imply strategy is not important. What it does mean is that the best strategy in the world will fail without a solid team culture.

This is not a chicken-before-the-egg argument. The truth of the matter is that your team/organizational culture is what makes or breaks your endeavour or enterprise. If you are a sports fan, you know this to be true. Culture wins over talent and game strategy. If you are a volunteer, you know this to be true. The effectiveness and dynamic of the group is about the people.

Think about your own business. You can have the sharpest business plan, a deadly strategy, killer technology, a brilliant marketing plan or a deadly operational structure. But the moment that it all comes together and works is because of that ingredient called culture.

Great teams and amazing culture do not happen by accident. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if your culture is what it should be. If the answer is yes, then what could you do better? If the answer is no, what needs to change? Do you need to improve your leadership skills? Do you need to reinvigorate the team by replacing some team members?

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