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Blog 207: Build Your Financial Planning Practice, Part 7 of 8

Updated: May 12, 2022

Have you joined the revolution? It’s just a few keystrokes away. We have broken with the herd and have founded our own community of financial advisors who are convinced that there is an easier, more enjoyable and genuine way to attract and keep clients for life. Do you like the blog? For how long? Exactly! Come on in,

And now back to our regularly scheduled transmission …

This is what we have covered so far since blog 201 …

  • Narrowing your focus

  • Persona vs. Person

  • Social Media.

  • Confusing wants and needs.

  • Stories and how we relate.

  • Time, attention and money.

  • Be more human.

  • Community > Client base.

  • Create mind-numbing anticipation.

  • Work with your existing clients first.

  • Circulating, giving and contributing.

Be a hero.

Be a story people want to share.

People are fascinating. If you don’t think so, you’re automatically at a disadvantage in the financial services industry. You serve the people, not their investments. The managing of the money is a commoditized service. That’s all it is. Interesting enough I guess, but hardly everything.

Understand your clients completely. Know what they aspire to achieve for themselves and help them make it happen. I should shut up and jet let that idea settle.

…. But I have more to say.

Your client, the human in front of you, everything they want is connected in some way to you because you represent what can and cannot be afforded.

Think about that. This is either true, or it’s much much worse. This is to say that when they think about what they want (what they really really want) they don’t think about you at all. They see you as a ‘banker’, and not a partner.

After you put the financial plan into action, start a new kind of planning with your client. For instance … Imagine that your clients would like to one day retire and travel around the world but they can’t do that for at least 12 years.

What could you do, and what would you be willing to do to bring your client as close to achieving that personal aspiration as possible, right now?

They can’t go on a trip. They have young kids. They are buried in kids, careers, mortgages and long-term savings. That’s where they’re at. Down the road, they want to be young retirees, roaming the world and complaining about the heat (or cold.)

OK? What could you, and would you, be willing to do to help them experience a little bit of that right now? Do you think if you helped these people feel that, they might tell someone about it? Me too.

Be. A. Hero.

Who are they trying to become? How are you helping? What if you just found them a blog from someone else who is doing exactly what they want to be doing, right now. What if you just found them a hero? “Hey, check this couple out. They are doing exactly what you want to be doing, enjoy this.” And then later, find them another one. Send them an article. Send them a book. Send them a video. Send them a … Now you go.

This is the sort of thing we talk about. Sometimes, one shift is enough. I have no idea why you haven’t signed up, I’m not judging you. I suspect you need a hug.

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