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Blog 300: Be Worth Talking About

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Be worth talking about.

Think about it, would anything help to improve your business more than a whole bunch of people talking about you and insisting that if whoever is hearing about you doesn’t take some action to meet you that they’re losing?

Nothing would be better.

Here is the problem and the opportunity. We live in a world with too many pretty good options and too little time. Being ‘pretty good’ at what you do isn’t enough.

We ignore the ordinary stuff. I mean, listen to what we complain about! We are spoiled rotten because these days, ‘average’ means ‘amazing.’ Fantastic on one hand because we’re all consumers, but as a business owner, it does present a challenge.

How do you get people to talk about you?

Obviously, it’s not about the products, services, or anything else that everyone else can find anywhere.

Instead, it’s about your idea. Your idea, your secret that once they hear it and embrace it, will change how they live their lives. You will give them a secret that they want to share. You are not advising; you are advocating.

  • How would you incorporate your secret into your work?

  • What would you ask your clients to read that would help them embrace your secret?

  • Whom would you invite to speak to your clients about this secret?

  • Who inspired you about this secret, and how could you share this person or their work?

  • Are there any movies about this secret?

  • How could your lobby reflect this secret?

  • Does the name of your company hint at this secret?

  • The longer someone spends in your office or with you, the more the secret becomes apparent.

Don’t get fooled into thinking that what you have to do is be really good at what you do; somehow, this will be enough.

It isn’t. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope someone who cares about you sent this blog. Now sign up, so we don’t lose each other in the digital breeze.

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