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Blog 187: Steps 17 through 20

Updated: May 12, 2022

I might have saved the best till last. For those of you who missed this series of blogs, you can find them all right here. The series started on blog 183 and it is all about the simple shifts you can make to a happier, less stressed version of yourself, aka the person who loves you fell in love with.

17. Accept that less is more.

Make a list of all the things you need to be truly happy and keep it short. Shorter than that!

Remember what your list was 20 years ago? Why did it get so long? Did you change? Do you want all this stuff or do you want what the other people keep telling you you want?

I’m not asking you to sacrifice, I’m asking you to prioritize.

When you know what you need, it’s easier to be grateful about it, but that still won’t protect you from envy and desire. Envy and desire will pull you off course and seduce you.

18. Go with the flow to go further.

Let your ego and your pride go. You’re not always right; you don’t always know how it’s going to go. Give people some time, they’ll surprise you. Be flexible.

19. Control what you can control.

You won’t win all the time, but you will most of the time. There is no planning for a bad break. But there is … being rested, prepared and not overly obligated. There is doing your homework ahead of time, and showing up early.

The more you control, the more easily you can handle the unexpected. I like to think of this as just being good to myself. Stress will kill you, and unlike a lot of other bad behavior that eventually catches up with you, it isn’t a lot of fun along the way. Stress makes you less fun and less popular with the people you love.

20. Don’t stand in front of a hurricane, and don’t fight city hall.

Don’t pick fights you can’t win. Full. Stop.

21. When you can, always leave a little extra.

You know what people love? A surprise. Always make sure there is a little more for them than what you promised.

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