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Blog 185: Steps 9 through 12

Updated: May 12, 2022

Welcome back! As promised, here are the next three steps to living a happier life.

If you missed the first two blogs in this series, you can find them right here. Check them out, they’re easy fast reads that pack some punch.

9. Wherever you are, be there.

Is there anything worse that never being at work, wishing you were somewhere else, than being somewhere else and wishing you were at work? I literally hate it and figured out how to solve it. If you need help, let me know.

A great place to start, though, is James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, which I am pretty sure you have heard about. Getting things done is critical to getting time off and being able to truly unplug.

I’ve been working four-day weeks through the summer, retreating to the lake for longer weekends, and it’s working out brilliantly.

10. Be grateful for what you have.

I think we have all learned through the last year and a half what is important and how precious it is. Life isn’t fair, it isn’t easy but it’s good. Try it right now – write a quick list of the top 10 things you’re grateful for. What you should figure out is that whatever is amiss in your life is likely within your power to change.

11. Learn to like – and then love – yourself. Or learn to like and love yourself more.

At the root of self-improvement, of desiring to be happier, is believing that you are worth it. Why not you? Why shouldn’t you have a job you love or friends who love you? You’re not so bad, you know. The problem is because of all these crazy things you believe. You’re freakin’ hard on yourself.

You’re alright. You deserve to spend your time the way you want, and it isn’t offensive for you to believe it.

12. “Next song.”

As far as people are concerned, only surround yourself with people who are bringing something worthwhile to the table. Even for your friends, ask yourself, “What do I get out of this friendship/relationship?”

If the answer isn’t enough, then skip to the next song and don’t look back.

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