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Blog 173: Is More of The Same the Answer to Your Problems?

Updated: May 12, 2022

Let’s imagine you are a restaurant owner, and you have a buffet with the usual dishes that almost everyone likes.

Just the same, it’s time for a refresh … What’s better? Bigger or deeper?

So you try bigger.

As strategies go, adding a bit more selection (or even a lot more) feels good because by doing something that creates a little action, it generates a little buzz that makes you feel like you have done something, which feels good. But as far as results go, it’s rather useless because you haven’t done anything new.

Your regulars might be happier because there is more of what they like, but are they so much happier that they are going to bring new people to the party? I doubt it.

I doubt it because you are not doing anything differently. Your bigger, more substantial buffet is simply a larger version of its previous average self.

Now consider deeper.

Deeper could be a specific food-focused buffet – I’ll suggest bacon because we all love it, even (secretly) the vegans. Bacon is essentially kryptonite to a vegan, and they hate themselves for it. However, a bacon-focused buffet with a dozen dishes that feature bacon, including chocolate-covered bacon, or chocolate and bacon ice cream (I’ve had it) are two examples of deeper.

Deeper might be theming the buffet around a film that you are also going to screen. Imagine a gorgeous buffet of Italian food while everyone watches The Godfather, being waited on by staff wearing costumes so they look like extras from the film.

Deeper would be switching the movie and the buffet up all the time so that people must keep returning to experience the next event. Perhaps the next time, the buffet could feature the final courses served on the Titanic and you could screen that film.

Deeper gets you people who are willing to drive across town, who are willing to bring friends, who are fans, and who are attracted not to what you do but how you do it and the consequences your work has on them.

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