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Blog 164: Get More Introductions By Asking Yourself These Questions

Updated: May 12, 2022

Who is your next client? I mean conceptually, not specifically.

What is her outlook, and who and what does she care about? Who are her people, and what are her hopes and dreams and wants?

What does your next client want? Hint, the answer isn’t your services; that would be what she needs.

Needs and wants are different, and they come from different places. Everyone needs a financial plan, but you shouldn’t confuse that with something they want.

They want … what?

What is the story she told herself about the world, her business, her situation and how everything works, before she met you?

How can you stage an experience in a way that helps her trust you and the story you are telling her about the benefits you bring to her life?

Who are you trying to help her become? Think on these matters over two cups of coffee before you start thinking about strategy and action and how you might persuade her.

You can’t sell anyone anything anymore, but you can attract them by being interesting and on point enough to actually hear about.

Don’t believe me?

When was the last time someone sold you? I mean closed you by convincing you that you NEEDED it?

I’ll wait.

I think for me it was a vacuum 27.5 years ago. I’m not proud of this but it’s true. A Kirby Vacuum salesguy literally mopped the floor with me. I had no idea I actually cared about the inefficiency of the typical vacuum until I met whatever his name was who had the decency to let me know that as soon as the deal was done he would be off to Montreal for a weekend of sin.

Everything else I have ever bought since then has been a choice.

There is so much of everything everywhere that it is pretty hard to motivate me or anyone else to take action.

The world is on sale, 24-7-365 and all of it competes on price.

Becoming a commodity is a choice. You can choose to try (and fail) at selling people, or you can become a story that people want to share.

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