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Blog 153: 7 Steps To Get People To Buy INTO You, Not From You

Updated: May 12, 2022

People want to do business with people, not companies – which is what Richard Branson figured out a million years ago.

I know this – my audience wants me, not DMWSC. The problem for all of us is that there is entirely too much noise out there, and as always, it’s hard to stand out. Here is some good news, once you figure this out (and it isn’t hard): It’s also never been easier for your audience to find you, providing you follow these 7 steps …

1. Be authentic.

Be who you are and share it. Full stop. This doesn’t mean that you should post photos of yourself eating out of your fridge in your underpants just because “this is who I really am.” What I’m saying is that you believe something about your work and what it does for people, and you shouldn’t shy away from it.

If you want to be a person whom people talk about and want to meet, then you have to stand for something. You have to ask people to buy into you and not buy from you.

Why is it so critical that someone talk to you? What’s going to happen if they don’t? What will they miss out on?

I use different social media platforms to let people peek into my life, and I share what I’m working on. When I see something related to the Experience Economy I take a photo, I post it, I write about it and share it.

2. Take your audience on the ride.

Document your journey. Write a blog, share what you’re working on. Take your audience along with you through a camera lens, show them the problems, solutions and success you go through.

3. Trust This Formula – Niche, Niche, Weird

I have shared this before. The more specific you can get, the better. Forever I have been using this simple formula – Niche Niche Weird. “I work with small business owners” is far too general. Your niche will be directly related to #1 above.

Get as specific as possible. What makes your group of clients different, what makes them an outlier in their own world? I know an advisor who focuses on successful business owners who never intended to own businesses! I know another who only focuses on optometrists. I know another who only works with retirees who misbehave. (He told me he only works with retirees who frustrate their children.)

“They know they’re going to die, but they refuse to get old” is what he told me. He knows what they want. “They are addicted to new. They fear being left out or left behind. They want to go down swinging. They want to travel, see and experience new things.”

When I asked him (at the time) what they were most curious about, he said the Apple Store. They wanted to know what all this excitement was about the Apple Store, and the i-movement in general.

Focus on the consequence of being your client. Someone spends enough time with you, how will you change the way they see the world?

4. Consistency …

Consistency means two things. First, you have to share every day – not all day long, but every day. There is enough info that you can google on posting effectively and how to use this various social media platforms. I’m going to leave you to that investigation.

Secondly, you can’t buy into something that is unclear or constantly changing. I have been incredibly consistent for my entire career. This is what I believe:

· That you have to do incredible work to have people say “Dennis is incredible.”

· That service and experience are not the same thing. That the more narrow focussed you are, the better.

· That selling products and services isn’t enough.

· That you have to guide people, not serve them.

· That the question you need to be asking is “Who am I helping my client become?”

Have you heard me say this before? A million times? There you go.

5. Focus on Outcomes

What you do isn’t the outcome, who your client becomes of what you do is the outcome. Or if you will, the consequence of being your client is what I’m after here. DMWSC creates happier, more satisfied and much less frustrated or burned-out small busines owners.

6. Create a Community

Not a client base, but a community of people who are guided by the same stars. The move to online has helped us all create spaces and places where we can engage with each other, support and share our world view.

Peloton isn’t an exercise bike, it’s a community.

The advisor that I mentioned in Point 3 (Niche Niche Weird) started a travel club for his misbehaving clients. Likewise, connect people to other people, solutions, places.

7. Small Numbers Only Please

When you get caught up in the big numbers game, you can’t win. There is always someone bigger who reaches more. Go the other way; focus on the few. Ten people who hang on your every word is worth more to you than 100 people who can take or leave it.

Do more work that doesn’t scale. Interacting one-on-one. Making time for people to solve their problems is more powerful and persuasive than any broadcast ‘notice me’ campaign will ever be.

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