Community and Accountability Starts Here:
Serious Shift Inner Circle -
Green Members Level

So you are a Serious Shifter and you want a little more.


The Green level of membership is just the place for you.


GREEN LEVEL is designed for Serious Shifters who are looking to both share and learn within a community. It is the best of both worlds. Sharing gives you a chance to validate your ideas, and learning from others saves you time and money.


If you want access to an ongoing series of mastermind gatherings, live Facebook events and advanced content to help you step further into the 5 Stages of the Experience Economy, then GREEN is the place you want to be.


Here is our continued commitment: As your guides, Dennis and Tom will provide you with TIME WELL SPENT among like-minded colleagues.

1. Get instant access to the 5 Stages of Experience Design

Online Training.

2. Enjoy Monthly updates and new content to the 5 Stages of Experience Design.

3. Receive additional training to the Human Design Online Project - a $1500 Value.

4. Become a part of the Inner Circle Community.
You are invited to our Monthly Virtual round table to discuss challenges, opportunities and ideas, with professionals all over the world and of course, your Serious Shift Guides, Dennis and Tom.