What is Serious Shift,


What’s your problem?


Have you identified a need for change, and you're all in for seizing the day? But how?

You are either in one of three places.

The Pandemic has either:

  • Kicked your ass 

  • Been one of your best years ever or

  • You are somewhere in between

No matter where you find yourself, here are the problems we can help you solve:


  • Make more money

  • Develop the dynamic for increased referrals

  • Have a better business

  • Use the 5 Stages of Experience Design to be more relevant, turn clients into loyal disciples and be more referrable.

  • Too busy? We have you covered there as well.


For over 20 years, clients just like you have turned to us to experience our proven recipes to successfully scale their business and to be their absolute best. 

This is what Serious Shift is about. Shifting your thinking and your path to achieve greater levels of whatever it is you want greater in your life.

The Serious Shift Movement


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Our Serious Guarantee

Progress. When you choose to work with DMW Strategic Consulting, Tom Frisby and Dennis Moseley-Williams, we guarantee that we will get you on the right track. We will deliver a PLAN that you can execute and implement to make Serious progress in your practice. Results Guaranteed.

Let's talk about the benefits of Serious Shift 

Serious Shift is about establishing yourself as THE go-to advisor for clients who want more.

Let’s be honest about something important. Our industry continues to become more and more commoditized, and more and more everything is looking the same. Including the advice you give.

Serious Shift is a movement that defines the new frontier of client value to ensure that you are prepared to meet the future with confidence, enthusiasm and excitement. You will be inspired to innovate and implement meaningful and lasting change in your life and business.

The Serious Shift eco-system is a place for you to call home. Don’t stand at the door uncertain about ringing the doorbell. Knock and come in. There is a place for you.

Are you ready to Shift? Seriously, Shift?